BlockchainNigeria – UnityChain

For the purpose of demonstrating the potentials foreseen in the initiative, CDIN has chosen to use the virtual nation approach similar to that of the Bitnation to conceptualize her vision for an improved Nigeria code-named UnityChain and powered by blockchain technology.

UnityChain is an hypothetical virtual nation modelled after the political and legal structure of the Nigeria nation state for the purpose of simulating practical applications of blockchain. The approach will help to identify buildable use cases on blockchain that can help improve the effectiveness of services in the Public and private sectors of the Nigerian system thereby catalyzing growth and development.

The virtual nation project intends to leverage the transparency and accountability in blockchain for promoting the CHANGE AGENDA and demonstrating the advantages of Unity in Diversity using blockchain as the Trust Engine in a multi-cultural system to achieve a united Nigeria, peaceful and great economically.

The project will follow a Service Oriented Approach and use multiple open source platforms to promote an open source software industry in Nigeria and avoid  limitation by any specific platform.

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