Brief Report On The Last Monthly Meetup August 2017

Report coming from the attendees of the special event of august, starting with the president of Cryptographic Development Initiative in Nigeria in person of Mr Adeolu Fadele by saying “I want to appreciate everyone for making today”s meetup a success. I understand the audio was poor for the online participants, it will be better managed the next time, However, we also realised there are still huge opportunities for all to key into the project. We all dispersed today in high spirit hoping to come to next meetup with suggestion and idea that can make the project a better success. Thank you all for being part of our history.”

Another member in person of Mr Jerry Ojo said “It was really an interesting session today
Surely good things await us in Africa.
Congratulations for this giant step in setting a good pace for the African-ICO”.

Comment coming from another participant of the meetup said “Hello guys. Met an amazing set of individuals today. And was genuinely proud to be a Nigerian and African. If we had the kind of people I met today running things in this country, we would be one of the greatest in the world. Thanks for all the support and encouragement guys. Together we shall make Africa great!”.

Truly Nigerians are beginning to see the true beauty of the blockchain Technology, while we await the next meetup date to be fixed we urge you to keep up with our news by constantly visiting our website.

The pictures of the event are below


  1. Osawaru

    There is an app that’s quite good for video conferencing named zoom. I use it in one of my online discussion classes. On android, windows and ios. It could come in handy as long as there’s good internet connection. Other can join in from anywhere. It’s very easy to use. Thumbs up for the successful meetup