How to Join Groups

There are three level of groups, Public,Private and Hidden

Public group allows you to join without any need for the admin to moderate your membership

Just follow this link to join groups

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How do i send and receive messages on the platform?

The CDIN platform allows members to interact between each other privately for effective communication, click on the messages tab on the right panel of the website (only for logged in users)

the page opened give you access to compose, check inbox and sent messages

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How to change my profile picture

The CDIN platform allows each member to change the default picture in their profile, this allow them to be easily recognized and this is how to do it.

Click on your picture or your name from the homepage and your profile page will be opened, click on profile

another tabs will be opened (see image below)

click on the button

the same process goes for cover image

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To be able to interact perfectly with members of this platform, the wall feature has been very useful to communicate with other members of the platform, you can write on any member’s wall and the person will get notified in the notification board.

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The website has notification feature, and you can see this on your dashboard when you login to the platform

you can also get notifications when you click on your dashboard

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How to follow users on CDIN platform

The main reason why you might want to follow users on this platform is to be able to read their post and also comment on it. From the members menu at the left side of every page (only available for logged in users), you can view all members of the website or alternatively use the search box on the page to look for the member you want to follow, click on the follow button beside his name and you have become a follower of his/jer activities.

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Using the CDIN Social platform features

The CDIN platform is designed with a social media touch for members to be able to communicate and interact effectively.


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I can’t find my login page

That is probably because you are using a mobile browser, follow this link to get to your registration page or click on the icon on the top right corner of the website

after clicking the icon, a drop down box will appear from the right

click on the login to open your desired page

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How do i become a member?

  • Kindly click  here to read more on our membership categories
  • Follow each category to the registration page or click here
  • After your successful registration, a confirmation mail will be sent to you email address, please click on the link in the mail to activate your account
  • Once your account has been created, you are good to explore your world of cryptography experience.
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How do i benefit from joining CDIN?

  • You have the privilege of gaining knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • You have the privilege on getting certified on the above mentioned.
  • You can report any scam cryptocurrency transaction done and we will see to it that justice is done.
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What does CDIN stands for?

Cryptographic Development Initiative in Nigeria

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