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Our Goal

To create a platform that will encourage the learning and practice of cryptography in Nigeria and collaboration among relevant stakeholders.

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Crypto-currency is about to change world finance the same way internet has revolutionized communication and businesses Encryption had always play a major role in the outcome of the biggest wars in the history of the world. Cryptography will increasingly become a major part of every nations artillery in a cyber era when wars are fought online

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BlockChain Nigeria
The initiative will also avail the Nigerian Youths the opportunity to build skills and career in an emerging global market. CDIN intends to partner and collaborate with strategic stakeholders from both the public and private sectors in Nigeria to collectively leverage the immense opportunities in the global digital revolution for the growth and development of Nigeria.

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Nigeria Blockchain Alliance
The Nigeria Blockchain Alliance is a critical step for protecting public safety by combating criminal activity on the blockchain. But it is also a critical step for the growth of the blockchain industry in Nigeria

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About CDIN

CDIN is an NGO and a platform for bringing together stakeholders in Nigeria to work on a common interest of addressing gaps in cryptography related developments including crypto-currencies and crypto-ransomwares.

Lack of Awareness and Stakeholders collaboration are the two major gaps we have identified for now. Identified stakeholders includes institutions in the following sectors: Education, Defense, Economy and Technology.

Our Strategic Themes are: Platforms, R&D and Collaboration. Our platform initiatives includes Weekly Meetups, Monthly Podcasts, and Annual Conference

BlockchainNigeria is a subset of the CryptoNigeria initiative of CDIN (Cryptography Development Initiative of Nigeria). A Non-Profit Professional Organization focused on promoting Digital Economy through cryptographic assurance in Nigeria